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Here at The Investing Cube we strive to make all of our investors as successful as humanly possible. It all starts with education and arming you with the tools needed to succeed in this business. We've enclosed a very informative article below on the topic of staging. Hope you enjoy.

Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence prior to going up for sale in the real estate marketplace and is something most of your competitors won't do.

The goal of staging is to sell a home quickly, and for the most money possible by attracting the highest amount of potential buyers. Staging focuses on improving a property to make it appeal to the largest number of buyers by transforming it into a welcoming, appealing, and attractive product for sale. Many people believe that staging raises the value of a property by way of reducing the home's flaws, depersonalizing, decluttering, cleaning, improving condition items, and landscaping. For vacant homes, rental furniture is used to create a living space the buyer could "see" themselves in. Properly executed staging leads the eye to attractive features while minimizing flaws. Simply put who would want to buy a dirty car?

Many techniques are used to stage a property. De- cluttering, depersonalizing, updating old or unattractive fixtures, painting, furniture rearrangement, rental furniture and accessorizing are just some of the changes used to make a home more inviting to potential buyers.

Since a typical home buyer decides if they are attracted to a home or not in the first 8 seconds of seeing it, curb appeal is generally viewed as a vital aspect of the staging process. Therefore, curb appeal, the practice of improving a home's exterior appeal, is used alongside interior improvements. It has been shown that homes containing furniture and accessories sell more quickly than vacant homes, because the potential buyers realize what can actually be done with the place. They may realize that the room is actually a lot larger than it would look without furnishings. Rental of furniture and decorative accessories is a common solution when selling brand new properties that have never been occupied, or those where homeowners have already vacated the property.

Spaciousness and light often determine the success of a staged home. Typically, the larger a room appears, the better it will seem to homebuyers. Dark, tight spaces create a poor impression and may prevent the home from selling. Furniture layouts should create an impression of openness and comfort. Non-essential items should be removed to minimize crowding and clutter. Opening curtains and blinds to let in natural light and turning on interior and exterior lights at nighttime are also common staging techniques.

One school of thought suggests that wall treatments and flooring are most appealing when presented in neutral colors and subtle patterns. Paint colors should be neutral whenever possible, as bright or bold colors and strong patterns detract from the universal appeal of a space. This rule, however, does not always hold true, particularly in the luxury home market, where unique fixtures and bold finishes such as stained concrete flooring, deeply colored textured paints and artisan fixtures are often considered highly desirable. Religious items, personal photos, awards, certificates and cultural items are often removed to downplay the presence of current homeowners. This helps potential homebuyers to not only feel more at ease during viewings, but allows them to focus on the property itself while also imagining their own belongings in the space.






Adhering to real estate investment tips can keep one away from pitfalls

Real estate investment holds a lot of promise. Large profits can be made through real estate business however one has to be careful about the pitfalls that are there in this otherwise profitable business. Real estate investment tips can be of great help to make the most of this fabulous business.


Certain precautions need to be taken while investing in real estate. A bit of research always helps and in real estate it can determine between profit and loss. When one is contemplating on real estate investment it is advisable to compare the rents and property value. It is the best way to gauge the market value of the said property. Having done that exercises it is important to inspect the site before going ahead with the deal. Careful examination of the house or property can be done with the help of professional inspectors also.


Besides any real investment tip would advise one to have a fair understanding of the tax laws under which the property is governed and also tax laws can keep changing. So it is advisable to keep abreast with the current tax laws. In addition to this basic knowledge about loan payments, vacancy costs and a thorough understanding of the financial statements as to how information is represented therein is a pre requisite.


Real estate investment tips also reiterate that one should carefully examine the existing insurance coverage turning a blind eye on this might result on increasing the insurance cost with increase in purchase price. When all the bases are covered real estate investment assures investors of greater returns and prosperity.






Are you beginning real estate investing business?

For all those who are beginning real estate investing business, it is very important that they are aware of certain factors. Real estate business may although provide you with loads of money; it involves a lot of hard work, effort, shrewdness and quick mind.

Beginning real estate investing business is rated as one of the safest business. Buying a house is a dream of each and every individual existing in this planet. However, turning this dream into reality is not an easy job. This dream of millions of people is turned into reality only with the help of an agent. An agent bridges the gap between the buyer and seller. Without an agent’s assistance, it is really difficult to own a house that one has been dreaming of since ages.

Therefore, if you are planning for beginning real estate investing business, you should keep in mind that acting as a bridge between a buyer and seller is not at all an easy job. You have to be quick and efficient enough to buy a house at a lower price and successfully sell it at a higher price. You should be able to strike a deal that seems profitable to both the buyer and seller, keeping your profit margin in mind.  Beginning real estate investing business requires good business tactics and contacts. After all, in services marketing, it is your goodwill that helps you in gaining profits.






Quickening turnover with real estate wholesalers

As real estate wholesalers you can also become franchisees with some of the leading investing companies online. As franchisees you would be a part of nationally recognized home buying brands. You will experience a different investing experience. Your property can be marketed through a varied range of mediums such as promotional videos, billboard advertisements, stickers, business cards, door hangers, flyers, bandit signs, yard signs, posters, company apparel, brochures, print media, online marketing, mobile advertising, etc.


As a free lancing investor you might not be able to invest in these marketing techniques. And you might miss on potential clients and buyers. Your buyers will be motivated to buy property from you because they know and feel your presence all over. As franchisees you would also get trained in carrying out your business effectively. Proper guidance and assistance will be given to you by some of the experience professionals and leaders in the field of real estate investing or who are already real estate wholesalers. You can seek their help whenever you need.


It is advisable that you have a proper office space either at home or outside for the buyers to get a good impression about your company. You can hire an assistant who can assist you in marketing and sales. This person will also help you in paperwork of the contract. As an active real estate investor you will be able to purchase and sell the property as if it was a habit for you. You will get to know all the legalities involved and as time passes by you get more experienced in the work. However make sure that at any given point you are alert and you understand everyone's moves around you. 







Learn and Earn - How to flip homes

It’s a world where people would love to make easy money, however they don't realize nothing comes easy. Making money definitely is a job that requires brain and hard work both. People are getting inclined towards making by flipping houses. However, how to flip homes is an art that one learns and masters through experience.


How to flip homes, one can learn by experience. There are certain points that one should keep in mind if he or she is novice in this trade. First of all try and look out for a property that can be flipped. If one requires spending some money on that property, one should do that as the return would compensate all this.

There had been many ways and methods used by people to make money from flipping houses, however it’s a competitive world today and one has to come up with new ideas to make profits. Work on pre foreclosure properties, try and get information before anyone else gets it, TV campaigns, advertisements helps a lot in this trade.


One golden rule to be followed in this trade is not to use your own money. That will block your cash flow and you would be out of money when required. Use short terms loan by private investors. It would cost you some interest but it’s worthwhile.


Don't set a price from your side. Try and look around the house and find some problems in the house and then try to negotiate. Some simple tips learnt through experience and exposure will surely lead you in the right direction.



The Investing Cube has the wholesaling system which is the best

Landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed. Here at The investing cube the clients are provided with true money making deals. The wholesaling system makes sure that the properties are priced at very low prices, fair below the market value. These deals are not the ones which any other investor knows about and they are certainly not found with your local real estate agent. It is made sure that these deals are not found anywhere else. All the deals are genuine and very profitable.



To provide the wholesaling system, The Investing Cube spends enormous amount of time and energy so that all clients are provided with the best properties at the lowest price. A lot of money is invested into searching out the very best real estate deals in the country.  It is made sure that the properties are genuine and that they are safe to be handled. The deals are thoroughly screened and only the absolute best deals are acquired and made available to the clients of The Investing Cube. Only the clients of The Investing Cube are made available with this updated information.



With the wholesaling system the company gains a competitive advantage in the market. It is surely a full value for your money. Clients are assured that the properties are genuine and that they are of low cost and they are from all over the country.